Patients often question me:  When is driving after breast augmentation surgery allowed? I wish all patients were stoic, and smart, but they are not.  I love to see a patient driving after breast augmentation surgery to her first post-op visit, usually on POD #2. That tells me she is doing well, her pain is under control, and we probably have no complications. Driving post surgery can be problematic, however.

Driving after breast augmentation is allowed if and when:
1. You can drive without pain meds for at least 12 hours prior to getting into the car.

2. You can anticipate an accident and have the body strength and agility to swerve, accelerate, and brake.

3. You are responsible for only yourself in the car.

Thus, I tell my patients they may begin driving after breast augmentation surgery using the following guidelines :

1. Drive on POD#2 if you can get by on Tylenol only (remember NO NSAIDS)

2. Drive only yourself

3. Do not drive far

To be very brutal, if you are stopped by the police for a driving violation, or just happen to be involved in another person’s accident by no fault of your own, AND YOU HAVE Percocet, Ambien, Lunesta ,or Vicodin or any other restricted substance in your system, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR LICENSE even if the surgeon prescribed these medications. Have no doubt. I recommend not driving until you are off all the above drugs.

Read more about my advice post augmentation surgery and exercising. Please drive safely after your breast augmentation and don’t hesitate to call the office with any questions or concerns!