I was the worst patient after my first breast augmentation surgery.  I wanted to get back to exercising after my breast augmentation and didn’t follow the instructions on how much exercising I should do following the surgery. Maybe that is why I got such BAD capsular contracture after the first round and NO issues after the second breast augmentation.

In general, any good surgeon will perform a submuscular placement of your first set of implants. Thus, upper body motion will increase bleeding, swelling and ultimately capsular contracture. The less swelling, the less scarring, the less capsular contracture

My recommendations for exercising after breast augmentation:

The night of surgery – Sit on the couch with legs elevated, your back propped up on 2 pillows at the end of the couch. Lie mostly flat. Walk around the house, get yourself an ice tea. Sleep in a similar fashion; do not roll onto your right or left side.

Post-op day  (POD)#1 – Move around, take a 15 minute walk outside and swing your arms ever so gently. Sleep the same way.

POD #2 – Hopefully seeing the surgeon, dressings changed, shower after you are home and have had lunch. Warm, not hot water. Do not drink alcohol with your pain pills. If you want a glass of wine, forego the Percocet. It’s really too early to exercise.

POD #3- Take a 1 mile walk around your high school track, shower, keep the arms no higher than your shoulders. Make sure your sports bra is supportive.

POD #4 – Do the sitting stationary bike at the gym, do not grab the handle bars. Obviously, do not push it, just pedal at a moderate pace. Do not get your heart rate above 100.

POD #5 – Lift weights at the gym with your legs, do 25-50 gentle crunches with arms on the mat.

POD #6 – Do some twisting at the waist, keep arms at your sides.

POD #7 – Gently jogging for 1 mile is OK in a great sports bra, probably the one you’ve been wearing all along this past week. Walk all you want.

Remember during all this time – DO NOT take ibuprofen, aspirin, Vitamin E, fish oil or the 3 G’s – gingko, garlic or glucosamine chondroitin. For some reason, patients are taking tumeric now, and that makes you bleed.

POD #8 and Week #2- Repeat the above.

Don’t eat a lot, just protein, veges and water. Walk, jog a little. You will stay thin.

POD#14 – Sutures out, take a jog in a good bra.

POD #15- Start doing biceps and rowing. Gentle swimming is OK. Do NOT do tennis, racquetball until week 6. Do not play golf til week 4. Putting is okay on Day #4.

If you follow these rules, your swelling will subside quickly, and your breast shape will be great.