Dr. Cherup did wonders for me with my rhinoplasty. I’m a guy who always hated my nose, and I was very nervous to have the surgery, but Dr Cherup did my relatives nose and it looked great. She was very straightforward (don’t be intimidated by her at first; that is her personality and she is very intelligent and funny). After the surgery I would say within a month the final result was literally perfect. No one could notice I had the surgery, yet it made me look better so subtly. It particularly made me look better from the sides. I should warn anyone who has a rhinoplasty that when the stint comes off, you are not going to look good. There is a lot of swelling and your nose will look worlds different from the end result. I didn’t know that and I was honestly devastated afterward. That said, it takes a month for the swelling to go down and your muscles to grow back (it really affects your smile at first). But she was wonderful and I owe so much to her. Definitely go to her. She is a magician and wants to help you.