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Botox and Filler Patients – Buyer Beware

Susan Mowry, R.N. and Dr. Lori L. Cherup have seen many Botox and filler complications recently of patients treated by poorly-trained cosmeticians, NOT board-certified medical professionals like us. Patients are often lured in by discounted prices on Botox and filler.  YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! At Radiance Plastic Surgery and Advanced Skin Clinic, we… Continue Reading →

Unhappy Plastic Surgery Patients

Although I have been blessed with some of the nicest and happiest plastic surgery patients, I have had painful experiences with a few unhappy plastic surgery patients. I like to keep it real on my blog and share my true thoughts. The first unhappy plastic surgery patient developed an infection after a procedure that rarely results… Continue Reading →

Vectra 3D imaging system

The Vectra 3D breast  imaging system, developed by Canfield Imaging , has transformed my breast implant and augmentation consultations. The Vectra 3D imaging system is located in my Pittsburgh offices, which are part of the Radiance Surgical Center. The first step in the breast implant augmentation consultation is always a conversation with the patient about her… Continue Reading →

Treating Skin Cancers in Pittsburgh

The skin cancer treatment of younger patients is becoming increasingly more necessary as UV exposure increases in the North American continent. Even in Pittsburgh where there is a moderate climate with many cloudy days,  patients are presenting in their late 20s and 30s with basal and squamous cell carcinomas because  of sunburns in their childhood… Continue Reading →

Exercise After Breast Augmentation – Exercising After Breast Implants – Dr. Cherup

I was the worst after my first breast augmentation. I really wanted to get back to exercising. Maybe that is why I got such BAD capsular contracture after the first round, and NONE after the second. In general, any good surgeon will perform a submuscular placement of your first set of implants, and upper body… Continue Reading →

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Testimonial 1"I have had both tummy tuck and a back lift surgeries at Radiance. The outomces far surpassed even the most imaginative dreams. I couldn't be more thrilled!...

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Testimonial 1"I love the staff and Dr. Cherup. I would never go anywhere else. The only issue that I had was I wrote the check for my upcoming procedure and asked if it was possible...

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