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Exercise After Breast Augmentation – Exercising After Breast Implants – Dr. Cherup

I was the worst after my first breast augmentation. I really wanted to get back to exercising. Maybe that is why I got such BAD capsular contracture after the first round, and NONE after the second. In general, any good surgeon will perform a submuscular placement of your first set of implants, and upper body… Continue Reading →

Labiaplasty Part I

On some level, the aesthetic appearance of the female genitalia deserves as much consideration as the aesthetic appearance of any other part of the body. Unlike the treatises that have been published on the principals of breast, eyelid and facial plastic surgery, there are no textbooks on perineal (that which encompasses the labia, clitoris and… Continue Reading →

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Testimonial 1"I have had both tummy tuck and a back lift surgeries at Radiance. The outomces far surpassed even the most imaginative dreams. I couldn't be more thrilled!...

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Testimonial 1"I love the staff and Dr. Cherup. I would never go anywhere else. The only issue that I had was I wrote the check for my upcoming procedure and asked if it was possible...

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