Teenagers tolerate rhinoplasties very well. Most teens are troubled by a nose that is too long, has too high of a dorsal hump, or is too unrefined for a young face. Performing a rhinoplasty on a young adult requires forethought, on the part of the surgeon, into the future growth of the face, and how it may mature. The surgeon must also evaluate the patient’s emotional maturity to handle the perioperative course, and also evaluate the dynamics between the parents and the teen.

I am always amazed how placid, and serene these young people’s behavior is with me, when I know very well they aren’t that way all the time with their parents. A thoughtful rhinoplasty can transform a teenager into a confident, beautiful angel.

I recall this rather not-really-pretty 14 year old whose parents brought her to me 20 years ago. After a rhinoplasty and a chin advancement, she went on to become valedictorian and homecoming queen of her high school senior class. I was shocked to see her senior picture where I saw that her face had continued to grow and mature around my well-done rhinoplasty. I was thrilled, and she had blossomed. The best payment I could ever receive.


Sample results of rhinoplasty surgery