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Thick, lush eyelashes are an enviable feature on any face. If you have naturally thin lashes, or your lashes have diminished with age, pump up their volume with Latisse. Latisse is an eyelash thickening prescription product available at the Bridgeville office of  plastic surgeon Lori Cherup. More than 2.5 million Latisse kits have been sold nationwide. Latisse produces incredibly beautiful, natural-looking results.

Enhanced eyelashes will compliment other aesthetic treatments, such as cosmetic dermal fillers and skin rejuvenation, to help achieve a more youthful look.



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  • What is Latisse?

    Latisse is a topical solution for the treatment of hypotrichosis, another name for inadequate eyelashes. Latisse should be applied to the base of the upper eyelashes (where the lashes meet the skin) every night for 16 weeks. Contact lenses should be removed before applying and the product should not be applied to the lower eyelid. Dr. Cherup and her Bridgeville skin care team will provide more detailed instructions for patients when they dispense the prescription.

    Please note that Latisse will cause hair growth in any area to which it is frequently applied, including the eyebrow area, so please use with care.

    If you have ever been diagnosed with, or taken prescription medication for an eye pressure problem, please be sure to inform Dr. Cherup before starting Latisse treatment.

  • What to Expect with Latisse

    Your lashes will gradually become longer, thicker and darker with Latisse use. Results may be noticeable as soon as four weeks after starting Latisse treatment. By 16 weeks, you should notice dramatically thicker, fuller lashes. The lashes should also look darker in color.

    For some, Latisse may cause the eyelid skin to darken, but this is reversible. Another possible side effect is increased brown pigmentation of the colored part of the eye; this may be permanent. In rare cases, Latisse patients may develop itchy eyes or eye redness.

    latisse results

    The results of Latisse need to be maintained with continued treatment; otherwise, lashes will gradually return to their previous appearance over several weeks to months.

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