I have been blessed by so many very happy plastic surgery patients over the past 3 months!

The first patient is the most joyful, happy woman I have met in 10 years. I have performed 3 surgeries on her. The first was hard and the last 2 were easier. Each procedure is easy on me because she has great pain tolerance, comes in for each first post-op visit smiling, grinning in self-appreciation, and complies with any demand on her. She resultingly heals beautifully, and has transformed her overweight  body into a curvy, voluptuous 40 year old woman. I would do anything for her!!

The second happy plastic surgery patient this month is a breast reduction patient who has ended up being a happy plastic surgery patient that ended up with beautiful round breasts and NO back pain. She is so happy and appreciative of the new her, she has even lost 20 more pounds after the surgery.

Another happy plastic surgery patient is a lovely 38 year old whose figure was transformed after a tummytuck and liposuction helped her triplet-bearing tummy. She says her husband cannot stop praising her and showing her off.

These patients make me so very appreciative that I am able to help improve their lives and they in return are improving mine