Facelift Scarring: Choose Your Surgeon Carefully

A full facelift surgery by Dr. Cherup rejuvenates the midface, neck, and jaw line. To avoid facelift scarring, the incisions run under the side burn, along the front border of the ear, down around the earlobe, the back of the ear, and continue along the lower hairline, then diving into the scalp. With this pattern, your hairline will not change.

During the facelift surgery, the facial muscles and fat will be lifted and tightened, the facial skin smoothed and draped upwards and slightly outward, and excess skin will be removed. An additional incision is made along the underside of the chin, so that the neck muscles and skin can be tightened.

Facelift Results

A correctly-performed facelift shouldn’t give you a new face, it should enhance your look by restoring a natural, youthful appearance to your features. You should still look like you, just better. Dr. Cherup specializes in cosmetic facelift surgery that results in a natural, youthful look. Dr. Cherup often recommends that a browlift and blepharoplasty be combined with a facelift for best results.

Will There Be Facelift Scarring?

With all those incisions, one of the most frequent questions that facelift patients regularly ask Dr. Cherup is “will I have a visible scar”. You should expect the potential for some facelift scarring to be present. That potential is greatly reduced when you are working with an experienced facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Cherup.

While facelift scars are designed to be undetectable once fully healed, it is truly an art to be able to place them in creases and other natural hiding spots to help them be less visible. Dr. Cherup has performed hundreds of facelifts during her 20 years of cosmetic surgery and has created her own techniques for reducing visible facelift scarring. Visit our online gallery that shows real patient’s before and after photos. 

What Can Patients Do to Improve Facelift Scarring?

Prior to your surgery patients should learn as much about the facelift procedure as they can. During your consultation with Dr. Cherup, she will explain the facelift procedure in detail. Pre-operative and post-operative instructions will be given to you and it is important to follow those instructions. Our website has detailed post-operative instructions as well. Keeping the incision area clean is extremely important to minimize potential for infection.

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