We talk to many patients considering liposuction  and CoolSculpting in the stomach/abdomen because it is very hard for them to lose weight in this area for various reasons, like pregnancy. One thing to keep in mind is that a patient needs to be in good physical condition in order for liposuction to be successful. Liposuction is particularly effective at removing fat in the legs, abdomen, back, arms, face, and neck. It provides more dramatic results than other noninvasive fat reduction procedures, but the recovery and cost are typically larger than non invasive procedures.

Regardless of choosing liposuction or new techniques like CoolSculpting, not all fat is amenable to liposuction or non-invasive fat reduction with devices such as Coolsculpting. THE FAT THAT IS UNDER THE SKIN, THAT YOU CAN GRAB AND JIGGLE WITH YOUR HANDS, IS SUBCUTANEOUS FAT.  The fat that is inside your abdomen, around your intestines, liver, and heart, is peritoneal and pericardial fat that is due to true obesity. A moderate amount of subcutaneous fat is essential for life—for one thing, it keeps you warm in the winter. But too much of it can be bad, starting with the fact that subcutaneous fat functions as a visible sign of being overweight or obese.

The best results with liposuction or Coolsculpting happen when the patient is determined to reduce the subcutaneous external fat and also reduce the internal fat with calorie/bad carbohydrate reduction by diet. It’s important to reduce both kids of fat for overall health, first and foremost.

Read this article by our American Society of Plastic Surgeons that fully describes these  2 kinds of fat and how we can modify them to make you healthier and more attractive as a result.

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