The Vectra 3D breast  imaging system, developed by Canfield Imaging, has transformed my breast and rhinoplasty surgery consultations. The Vectra 3D imaging system is located in my Pittsburgh offices, which are part of the Radiance Surgical Center. We are the only office in Pittsburgh that offers a VECTRA 3D analysis.

Vectra 3D for Breast Augmentation
The first step in the breast implant augmentation consultation is always a conversation with the patient about her medical history and the benefits and risks of breast implant augmentation surgery. We then delve into her exact vision of what changes will be necessary, including a breast implant  for an improved breast profile. Once her measurements are taken, we predict which breast implants shapes and sizes we want to explore. Then, the Vectra 3D breast imaging  system takes a photo of the  patient and analyzes it according to the same  parameters  I use to evaluate a breast.

After previewing her breast analysis provided by my Vectra 3D imaging system,  I can then quantify asymmetries in volume, nipple level and chest wall configuration.  The Vectra 3D breast imaging system and morphing software helps the patient and I  pick an implant,  and shows us what each size implant will do for her anatomy. We are able to save and review all the images, but we usually narrow it down to two images of two implants. The patient goes home from my Pittsburgh office with a pre-operative and post-augmented image of herself to decide which is right for her. This technology ensures that we are both on the same page with expected outcomes of the surgery. It also


The Vectra 3D breast imaging system in my Pittsburgh office is the greatest technology that  I have seen in 20 years.

Vectra 3D for Rhinoplasty
If you think the breast format is amazing, you should see the rhinoplasty software! The 3D image of the patient’s nose is analyzed by the computer, and it recommends changes to the anatomy that can be performed during a rhinoplasty. I am able to show patients an image of what their nose MIGHT look like after a corrective rhinoplasty. This image helps the patient determine how much change they really want to tolerate in their nose.

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