Tuberous Breasts

It’s kind of sad when you have breasts that just don’t compliment your body, and it’s even more sad when your breasts do not have an optimal shape, and in fact are TUBEROUS.  Tuber, or like a gourd, refers to … Continue reading

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Exercise After Breast Augmentation – Exercising After Breast Implants – Dr. Cherup

I was the worst after my first breast augmentation. I really wanted to get back to exercising.  Maybe that is why I got such BAD capsular contracture after the first round, and NONE after the second. In general, any good … Continue reading

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Protect the patient and the plastic surgeon

I have had to institute a number of actions to protect the patient’s interests and my own. First, we like to make it hard to schedule, and hard to cancel.  I really don’t want patients who quickly agree to surgery, … Continue reading

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Labiaplasty Part II

In general, the female perineum, which includes the vulva (labia majora and minora, and clitoris), perineal body (muscle between the vagina and anus),   the vagina, and the anus, should look “normal” to a woman.  Enlargement or stretching  of any … Continue reading

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Labiaplasty Part I

On some level, the aesthetic appearance of the female genitalia deserves as much consideration as the aesthetic appearance of any other part of the body.  Unlike the treatises that have been published on the principals of breast, eyelid and facial … Continue reading

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Plastic surgery and anesthesia

The kind of anesthesia and how smoothly the patient moves through it can either make or break a good plastic surgery operation and its final result.  When I had a rhinoplasty in 1985, one year before I got pregnant with … Continue reading

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Complications after surgery

I have a big problem as a doctor – I take complications very seriously and personally.  I always think it is my fault. I forget that objectively I spent 11 years after college learning that the human body is a … Continue reading

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Why aesthetic surgery costs a lot

Most patients looked surprised when they see the price tag for aesthetic surgery.  The truth is – aesthetic, or cosmetic surgery costs the same as reconstructive surgery – the patient just doesn’t know the costs. The surgical fees include (are … Continue reading

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Plastic Surgery performed on relatives and friends

Today I did a facelift on one of my nurses, a very special one that has been with me for 18 years. She takes good care of herself, and it was a pleasure to try and make her look  even better.  I … Continue reading

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Cancelled Plastic Surgery

When we have to cancel surgery for patients, or when they cancel, it is always a disappointment for both sides.  I really get up for the surgeries that I have to do, I prepare and consciously and unconsciously think about … Continue reading

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