Most patients looked surprised when they see the price tag for aesthetic surgery.They want to know why aesthetic surgery costs a lot. In fact, it doesn’t. The truth is – aesthetic, or cosmetic surgery costs the same as reconstructive surgery – the patient just doesn’t know the costs because reconstructive surgery is often covered by insurance.

Anytime a patient calls for a quote on a specific procedure, Radiance Plastic Surgery will always give a range of potential costs over the phone. Just call us at 412-220-8181.

The cost of aesthetic surgery includes the payment to the surgeon to perform the surgery. The surgeon meets with you, develops a plan, and executes it, and takes care of you for the next 6 months. The price also includes the facility costs to staff and supply the operating room for anywhere from 1 to 4 hours. Payment also must be made to the anesthesia staff who reviews your history, puts in your IV, manages you throughout the surgery, and cares for you in recovery after the surgery is over.

The facility surgical fees include (are you ready?):

  • the cost of medical supplies
  • the staff salaries
  • the building rent
  • the insurances to cover the building and the doctor’s malpractice to defend himself against false claims
  • the cost of staff benefits, like health insurance, dental, short-term disability
  • dictation fees to outside vendors
  • fire protection
  • elevator maintenance
  • cleaning companies
  • office supplies
  • the cost of going to meetings to maintain CME
  • credit card processing fees
  • bank loans
  • advertising
  • membership fees to belong to hospitals and professional organization

…shall I go on? Like any business, it takes a lot to keep a surgical facility running. Patients think that the cost of aesthetic surgery goes right in the doctor’s pocket. If that were only true, I would work 1/8th as hard. Do the math.