The idea of a breast augmentation of some sort has been on the table for me since I was 17 years old. My breasts grew with a substantial size difference. I was never confident about my breasts and honestly never remember having any positive feelings/emotions towards my breasts. With a nearly 2 cup difference, bras never fit and my main goal was to disguise the issue. I had my first child at 19 and second at 2, which I successfully breastfeed for 14 months.. From that point onward, 2 back to back pregnancies and breastfeeding left me with with what I would refer to as long breasts although the size difference was lessened. Neither breast had volume and after children, one breast even appeared to be square shaped.

I knew that I sought a female plastic surgeon. I work in a field where I see many breast implants. I have come to recognize certain doctors work and began to realize whom to avoid.

I made my consultation with Dr. Cherup. This woman pulls no punches and is not for the person seeking sugar coating. My case, was a bad as I feared and she didn’t try to suggest it wasn’t. She spent a lot of time with me during our first meeting. She emphasized that I was going to require a significant amount of work and skill. That I should not expect perfect symmetrical breasts. That I would need two different sized and shaped implants, in addition I would need a lift. Which I knew and was prepared for. We agreed on a size and actually, I placed all my trust in her–her suggestions meant more to be than any other; I didn’t want large or very large breasts. My number one desire was fullness and shape. I feel that implants that are too large an make a woman look like she has gained weight and can age her. I was beyond relieved when she didn’t push me toward something I knew I didn’t want!

I was fully prepared by Dr. Cherup and her staff. I made the decision to move forward with her. I can honestly say, I felt bad scheduling with her. I have not seen breasts like my own represented in before and afters. I knew if anyone was going to get me as close to a positive result it was going to be Dr. Cherup. She will let you know what is possible and what is not. That you might hurt like hell but that part of this journey.

I am typing this 6 days out from my surgery, a lift and implant. Bruising and swelling etc is personal so I will not comment, however I must say, my expectations have far been exceeded. I still have ways to go in my healing process but I am incredibly confident in Dr. Cherup and her staff. I intend to return for an tummy tuck in 2017.