I am a 50-year-old female bariatric patient who lost 80lbs with a BMI of 41.

I became discouraged after my initial weight loss because I looked worse than I did prior in clothes, due to the hanging fat and skin. I literally looked 4-6 months pregnant. I would only wear tops that hung over my gut because I was ashamed of how I looked.

I had known Dr. Cherup from a previous surgery she performed on me. As a nurse, I appreciate her direct, honest opinion and my previous results from here were great. She does not try to sell you something you don’t need or want. I trust her to do what is best for me, and I have never been disappointed.

Dr. Cherup performed a large hernia repair and a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) removing a pannus, that formed after my previous weight loss. Dr. Cherup was attentive before, during, and after the surgery. She has high expectation of herself, her staff, and the staff at the hospitals she operates. As a patient, I appreciate her attention to detail and felt like she was an advocate acting on my behalf. She is not afraid to connect with her patients; she even repositioned me in my hospital bed. She kept my family updated and treated them with dignity and respect. She educated my 10-year-old daughter on my surgery and encouraged her to participate in my follow-up care, which she did.

Dr. Cherup cares about her patients and their recovery. After the surgery, she was concerned about my incision and attentively followed my progress through office visits, phone calls, and updates. In the end, I healed well; my results are awesome. And I am so glad I did this for myself. I can wear pretty clothes again.

Dr. Cherup’s staff are respectful and courteous. My sister and I have been going to Radiance for over ten years for facials and other skin treatments. They have always been “down to earth,” easy to work with and, like Dr. Cherup, care about your results.

I highly recommend Dr. Cherup and Radiance Plastic Surgery.