The best candidates for rhinoplasty have realistic expectations about what surgery can accomplish. When prospective patients visit our practice for a nasal surgery consultation with Dr. Cherup, they are carefully assessed to ensure that they are physically, emotionally, and financially prepared to undergo this major cosmetic procedure.

The number one question I am asked during a consult is “what will I look like.” Before the Vectra 3D technology, this question was very difficult to answer. I have found that the Vectra imaging helps me communicate with the patient about the degree of change that can be desired by them and may be delivered by me in a rhinoplasty surgery. Patients often have a hard time articulating the areas of concern on their nose, and then actually describing how they want it changed.

Not all nasal anatomy can be altered by surgical change that much, especially after the patient is 35-40 years old. Vectra helps me understand what they expect, and what I can possibly do. The Vectra system takes a 3D picture of your face, plots pints of impact on it, and analyzes the proportions and symmetry of the nose. With this information, the computer then carefully allows me to make changes on the image that reflect surgical maneuvers that could be performed. The patient then can take a new picture of himself, changed, home to contemplate.  We then discuss the desired results at a second consultation, and plan the surgery for a date once they are completely comfortable with the anticipate outcome. The technology is not 100%, but it goes a long way in making sure that both the patient and I are on the same page for the surgery.

Come to Radiance Plastic surgery for a complete analysis of your nose, and the possible surgical plan that will get you loving your nose!! Radiance is the only office in Bridgeville to offer Vectra 3D analysis for rhinoplasty surgery.