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Nature has a way of sabotaging our skin with frustrating imperfections. Luckily, photo facial technology, which uses pulsed light to remove skin imperfections, has been advancing in leaps and bounds. Cynosure has developed a pulsed light system that quickly and easily removes pigmented and vascular lesions to improve the texture and tone of your skin. You’ll experience no downtime and low discomfort.

Reverse the signs of sun damage, remove unwanted facial veins and reduce uneven skin tone and rosacea!  Treatments typically last 5-30 minutes and results can be seen in 1-3+ treatments, depending on your individual goals.

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Photo Facials: How does it work?

Specialized pulses target brown spots, sun damage and vessels without harming the skin. The light delivered to your skin causes them to slowly disappear through your body’s natural healing process.

The revitilazation process uses pulsed light to treat the following problems:

Pigmented lesions (sun or age spots) occur in response to sun-induced skin injury and appear as dark brown circles known as solar lentigines. There can also be diffuse browning of the skin, known as actinic bronzing.

Vascular lesions are superficial blue, red, or purple veins under the skin’s surface. Some common types include rosacea (facial inflammation) and spider veins (tiny vessels that appear near the surface of the face).

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“Susan Mowry is the absolute ultimate professional, she listened to my concerns and with her expertise worked her magic to make me a lifetime devoted client who I recommended to my closest friends and relatives. Trust me, If you are feeling a little tired looking, see Susan, she will make you look much better real quick! No bruising!”

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