Clinical skin care is a scientifically and medically sophisticated combination of clinical procedures and personalized pharmaceutical products. Micropeels are effective for all skin types, including environmentally damaged, hyperpigmented, hyper sensitive, acne prone and active acne skin. Micropeels improve clarity, texture and evens out skin tone. Many patients find that they no longer need cosmetic foundation!

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Mircropeel Procedure

The first step of a Micropeel is a dermaplaning process, which frees the skin of dead cellular layers and proteins by reducing the top layer of skin. This lessens the appearance of fine lines and brown spots. A change in skin texture can be felt right away by just brushing your hands across your cheeks!

Depending on skin sensitivity, lactic or glycolic acid solution is then applied. This solution stays on the skin for at least 15 seconds but no more than 3 minutes. A slight stinging sensation might be felt, but it is only momentary. The part of the micropeel frees impacted debris from the pores.


Micropeel Results

Unlike a facial, most people notice a change in their skin right away after a micropeel. You might be pink for 2-24 hours depending on the type of peel used, You can apply makeup immediately after the procedure.

Your aesthetician will help you determine how frequently you should have a micropeel based on the condition of your skin. More frequent treatments may product dramatic results.


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“Susan Mowry is the absolute ultimate professional, she listened to my concerns and with her expertise worked her magic to make me a lifetime devoted client who I recommended to my closest friends and relatives. Trust me, If you are feeling a little tired looking, see Susan, she will make you look much better real quick! No bruising!”

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