Although I have been blessed with some of the nicest and happiest plastic surgery patients, I have had painful experiences with a few unhappy plastic surgery patients. I like to keep it real on my blog and share my true thoughts.

The first unhappy plastic surgery patient developed an infection after a procedure that rarely results in infection. Unfortunately, because we can’t treat all infections with oral antibiotics, a starting course in the hospital with IV antibiotics was necessary to get control of the infection. This infection made me miserable and made her an unhappy plastic surgery patient. I was so worried about the patient’s stamina and her discomfort.

The second two patients were unhappy with the results of their surgeries. The problem is,  I knew the first time that I met them that they would end up unhappy plastic surgery patients. They were the kind of people that no amount of surgery would make them happy. I understood what they wanted to change and I formulated a plan to help them. I met the expectations of these plastic surgery patients of what I predicted I could change, but I did not meet THEIR vision of what they wanted. None of them experienced any complications or set-backs. They were just unhappy plastic surgery patients.

Plastic surgery is all about  helping people feel better about themselves, but sometimes a surgery is not enough to make someone feel happy. I have realized that I should screen patients like these who are looking for something that I cannot offer–guaranteed happiness.