I have the nicest happy  patients, and I guess I should presume they are Happy Plastic Surgery Patients.  I am so lucky. For every 1 patient that presents ultimately with  unhappiness and problems, I have 10 that are just a joy and are very happy and nice to me and my staff.

I have a lovely patient that has improved so much with the body contouring we did for her. She developed some wound healing problems and had to be admitted to a hospital at which I am not an attending. After talking to a very helpful ER doctor, I finally reached the general surgery resident on whose service she had been admitted. He and I had a great conversation, and I finally spoke to this still happy and nice patient.  She is doing better, and will be discharged soon. We will continue to finish her healing and get her a great result. She was so pleasant, even for not feeling so well.

I get cards of thanks regularly.  They are usually long and very wordy, heartfelt and effusive. I can remember only one card I ever sent a doctor, who saved my husband’s life. I am honored that so many patients take the time to thank me. I am shocked at the little presents I get. How can I get so many patients that are happy with their result and nice at the same time? I must present a sorry picture sometimes, worn out and weary, because so many patients buy me makeup, hair ornaments, nail polish, hair products and pajamas!

I have a problem saying thank you enough. I think I must  feel unworthy of this attention. I know I do good work, but to this day I don’t think I fully understand how much good I do for some. The patients who are still not happy and not nice  weigh on me.

So to all my patients, happy and unhappy, nice and  not nice because… I say sincerely thank you today.