Why do most people shy away from plastic surgery? For some people, they are afraid of pain or  they can’t take time off work. Most commonly I hear that they are afraid of an unnatural-looking plastic surgery result. Most of the time, this results from picking the wrong surgeon.


Achieve natural looking results with Dr. Cherup

Causes of Unnatural Plastic Surgery Results

1. Scars put in unnatural places.
Facial scars must be hidden in the hairline in places that are covered by hair. Eyelid scars must be placed in the supra tarsal crease. Breast scars must fall in the skin tension lines. Abdominoplasty scars must be in the lower abdomen creases. Liposuction scars must be hidden in the groin, popliteal crease, and hip bikini line. If your surgeon cannot show you results like this, then move on.

Your plastic surgeon must discuss scar placement before the surgery.  Hematomas and infections can cause poor scar healing and additional scars not intended.

2.It’s a myth that poor scars signify poor surgery. Your surgeon might have achieved a beautiful contour, but your scars are wide or thickened.Do you have very soft, very non-elastic (ie. stretchy) skin? Do you smoke, eat poorly, or did not follow instructions post-op? Many things can lead to wider scars. There is an option, though, that your plastic surgeon might be able to revise the scars for a nominal fee. It will be worth it, so give them a call and find out.

3. You don’t look like yourself.
That’s an easy problem to fix. Did you present a photo to your doc of your face, breasts or body when you looked good to yourself? Early facial photos are important – I need them for facial surgery so I don’t “miss the mark.” I want you to look like ,an improved version of your best self -perhaps in your 20’s or 30’s. If your breasts never looked good, let’s create them to fit your body . If your body makes no statement about you, let’s create a figure that fits your image and personality. You still need to maintain it with exercise, good diet, and clean living. Creating a body part that doesn’t match the whole is the work of a myopic plastic surgeon  who doesn’t understand the whole patient.

4. Too much plastic surgery.
Unnatural results are caused when a patient wants more surgery that is not healthy for them, has little chance of a good outcome, has diminishing returns of improvement, or is just a bad idea altogether. A plastic surgeon has to know when to say NO! I SAY NO  a lot when I think a patient has little chance of improvement and a big chance of harm. Too much surgery in too short of a time period spells trouble