It is not frequent that women over 40 come to me with the explicit desire for a breast augmentation . When they do, I have to determine immediately to classify their needs.  There are 2 kinds of breast augmentation after 40: those that need volume and those that need volume and a significant lift, or mastopexy. Knowing which one you are before you see a surgeon will make your visit so much more efficient.

A breast augmentation after the age of 40 always causes me to evaluate the patient’s genetic and historical medical predisposition to develop breast cancer. A recent normal mammogram, preferably 3D, and a good breast exam by me will ensure that we have evaluated the patient’s potential for cancer in the future, before we contemplate introducing an implant into her medical history. Many women are concerned that an implant will impact their ability to have mammograms. There is no cause for concern though as there are ways to ensure that the implants don’t interfere with a radiologists’ ability to screen for problems.

I always believe in performing a lift when it is necessary – what is the point in creating a large, droopy breast? It will only make the woman look older, not beautiful and more youthful. The goal should always be creation toward the ideal figure, ie. a breast/waist/hip ratio of 1.0/0.7/1.0, and huge breasts do not accomplish that. Women choosing a breast augmentation after 40 are usually more realistic with their expectations and the lift can help remove unwanted excess skin that could detract from the augmentation.

Women over 40 know what they are looking for with a breast augmentation but I advise that they should take a good, critical look at your figure before you see the breast plastic surgeon to make sure a breast augmentation after 40 is the solution.