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Breast Augmentation in Pittsburgh, PA

For women with small or deflated breasts, a breast augmentation offers a chance to feel womanly, slightly voluptuous, and have a balanced figure again. For young women who never developed much breast tissue, an augmentation changes their life. For women who have lost breast tissue after nursing, it is a means to get their pre-pregnancy figure back. For the massive-weight loss patient, it may be necessary with a mastopexy to re-mold their upper torso.

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure, never reimbursed by insurance unless the patient had breast cancer. Breast augmentation can boost self-confidence, and you feel more balanced and beautiful. Dr. Cherup will do the surgery for you, but she must believe and you must demonstrate to her that you are doing this for you and no one else.

The First Breast Augmentation Consultation

Dr. Lori Cherup uses an evaluation system that is unique. It is a combination of her Touch MD instructional video system, the breast evaluation and measurement system of Dr. John Tebbetts and Allergan and her own extensive experience. She will inform you of the key events of the surgery and go over the manageable risks of choosing implants. She will measure your breasts and chest wall and determine your breast shape, existing volume, and significant asymmetries that must be dealt with.

Dr. Cherup; Julia, her physician assistant; or Jennifer, her surgical technician, will then image your breasts in our VECTRA 3-D* imaging system. Your computer image will be “augmented” with a few different sizes and shapes of implants to help you and Dr. Cherup visualize the changes that are possible and that you prefer. See our VECTRA demonstration on our website. You will then look at photos of other patients similar to you that Dr. Cherup has treated, and determine if there is a shape or size you prefer. You will leave the consultation with the full understanding of your anatomy, your best options, a VECTRA image of yourself augmented, and an Inform & Enhance booklet reviewing all risks and providing a price sheet for your specific surgery.

The Second Breast Augmentation Consultation

Dr. Cherup will reexamine you. Now is when you and Dr. Cherup finalize your breast implant choice, and rationalize your decision. Any need for mastopexy will be discussed. Photos will be taken to use in this operating room. A history and physical will be done. You will meet with Kristy or Maureen, our coordinators, sign your consents, and make your deposit. Financing options with CareCredit (see our web site information) or payment in full three weeks before the surgery will be planned. Any questions you will have will be answered by Dr. Cherup and our staff.

How Do I Choose A Breast Implant?

Your silicone-shelled implant by Allergan or Sientra is filled with saline or silicone. There are also two basic shapes – tear drop (anatomical), or round. Of these four variations, how do you choose? We will help you.


  • Fills the implant with salt water, the same solution we put in your IV fluid.
  • If implant ruptures, the saline is absorbed by your body.
  • Least costly.
  • Often gives a more augmented look.
  • Better if you have enough breast tissue to cover the implants.


  • This cohesive gel will never travel outside the breast capsule if the implant is ruptured.
  • Most advanced technology to date.
  • Better for thinner patients with little breast tissue.
  • Lighter in weight – feels most natural.
  • More costly.


  • Available in saline and silicone (as of four years ago).
  • Provides a rounder, fuller upper breast.
  • Good if you have a depleted upper pole, or you want more cleavage.

Anatomical or Teardrop Shape

  • Now available in saline and silicone (since 2013).
  • Provides a more natural breast shape with the most projection in the bottom half of the breast.
  • Good for tuberous breasts and poorly developed breasts.

Utilizing your exam and your VECTRA imaging, and surveying photos of other patients, you and Dr. Cherup will decide which shape and which fill of implants will give you your desired result given your anatomy. If Dr. Cherup recommends a mastopexy, whether it would be a periareolar or full mastopexy, you will see the benefits of performing or not performing it.

John Tebbetts, M.D., has written extensively about the negative effects of very large implants on breast tissues. Essentially, the larger the implant, the heavier it is, and the less likely your tissues will be able to support the weight of the implant. Your skin and muscle pocket will stretch. If it stretches inferiorly, the implants will bottom out. If it stretches laterally, the implants will migrate to underneath your armpits. If the pocket stretches anteriorly, your nipple-areola complex will stretch in size.

Dr. Cherup does not like to use very large implants because she believes it only makes the patient look matronly, like a grandmother. Very, very large breasts do not make most people look youthful, they make them look older. Dr. Cherup’s goal is to make your figure look beautiful by augmenting your breasts to the point where your breasts match the circumference of your hips. Usually, this can be done with an implant less than 500 cc in volume.

The Breast Augmentation Surgery

A breast augmentation is performed at Radiance Surgery Center under general anesthesia, and usually takes one to one-and-a-half hours. Dr. Cherup employs an inframammary incision through which she will dissect a perfectly-sized pocket under your pectoralis major muscle for the implants.

Saline implants are filled by a sterile closed system once placed inside the body; silicone implants are introduced with the Keller® Funnel. Dr. Cherup sits you up by elevating the back of the OR table and checking that the symmetry of right versus left is as good as possible. Sometimes, this involves using different volumes in each breast. If a mastopexy is to be performed, it is done just before all the incisions are closed with buried sutures. Dr. Cherup injects your incisions and chest wall with Marcaine to decrease your immediate postop pain.

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If you would like more information about breast augmentation and your options, please call Dr. Cherup at (412) 220-8181 or (877) 441-0639.

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