Cancelled Plastic Surgery

When we have to cancel surgery for patients, or when they cancel, it is always a disappointment for both sides.  I really get up for the surgeries that I have to do, I prepare and consciously and unconsciously think about them, just like an athlete training for a race.  I frequently will dream about the patient and their problem, particularly if it is a difficult one. We cancel for medical reasons, such as hypertension that is not controlled optimally before the surgery, and blood-thinners that pose a risk of bleeding and hematoma post-op. We want the conditions to be optimal.  We want a platform for success built pre-op.

Recently I had a patient cancel her facelift surgery one week prior.  She left a messge with our coordinator.  We called her, sent her a letter, and left phone messages.  She called back once and said she wanted to talk to me, and when I called her, she never called back with a response.  I am clueless as to why this patient lost faith in me? had second thoughts that she couldn’t express? found another surgeon?  I am baffled, and frankly very hurt.

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